The Physiowerkz Movement Analysis & Treatment System - Physiotherapy Assessments for Healthier Investments

​The PMAT system is a one-a-kind diagnostics system developed by Physiowerkz. It is gradually being introduced and used worldwide. PMAT is a 3-stage system that analyses the whole body, looking at the individual’s dynamic setting using the following information:

– Current and Past Medical History
– Complaints/Problems
– The Individual’s lifestyle and activities
– The Individual’s mobility


The PMAT system identifies the root cause(s) of the individual’s problem(s) and provides an effective holistic solution. By using this system, we can resolve the root issues as well as focus on preventing the problem from recurring. Our program comes in 3 stages, physiotherapy assessment, treatment and post-treatment.

The PMAT - How does it work?

Stage 1 : Assessment

The first stage will be the analysis of and breaking down your problem. 
The PMAT has a range of tests including: an analysis measurement system and movement diagnostic parameters. It also collects all medical history (past and current), your lifestyle and activities of daily living to trace the root cause of the problem. 


The result :
– The therapist will be able to diagnose and explain what caused your pain/problems
– The therapist will be able to explain to you what your body should ideally be able to do.

Stage 2 : Treatment

Once the root cause(s) are identified, the treatment methodology is created. As everyone and their injury is unique and different, the PMAT creates an individualised tailor-made treatment program specifically suited for you focusing on your desired goals. This sets you up for Stage 3.

The result :
– You have your own tailor-made
  treatment program
– You can take ownership of your injury and have a plan to resolve it   
– Your goals set and a time frame is created to get you back as soon and as safe as possible. 

Stage 3 : Mobifit - Mobile & Fit

As the treatment approaches the end, you will be encouraged to further maintain yourself and grow into the new habits created throughout the treatment. Once you have completed your exercise program in Stage 2, you can progress your exercises to intermediate and advanced by using our specially developed programs: Mobifit – thus keeping you fit and mobile, giving you different programs for all abilities.

The result :
 – You are healed from your
– Your injury will not come back as the root issues have been dealt with
– You have achieved and can access Mobifit.

The PMAT system is like movement in a 3D dynamic scanner. It can capture your entire body’s physical functions and  movements to identify the root cause(s) of your problems.

PMAT - the concept

The human body is a complex biomechanical machine consisting of the neurological, musculoskeletal and lymphatic systems all intertwined to perform the daily fundamentals which we call “movement”.

“Movement” starts from the brain, travels down via the nerves into the muscles. The nerves carry information to the muscle we want to move, travelling at 275 mph. The information being transferred can comprise lots of different things, such as: how we move, with how much effort, using which part of the muscle. As the movement is happening, the nerves travel back to the brain at 275 mph to provide instant feedback: are there any pain/aches during that particular activity?

When the body has an injury, posture issue, strain, sprain, etc, the muscles or part of that musculoskeletal system has to shut down to repair. Chemical reactions at the injury site create pain which is reported back to the brain. This stops us from moving the injured part to allow the repair process to occur without any interruption. As a consequence, any movement of the injured part produces pain. When trying to move the injurred area, the pain increases and becomes aggravated, resulting in reduced usage of that part. 

Over time, due to the reduced usage at the injured body part, different muscles will compensate to assist in completing tasks of daily living and the body will move in an abnormal way. If the injury continues for more than 12 weeks, it becomes a chronic problem. When this happens, the abnormal movement becomes a learned habit and results in the body developing another new pain due to using muscles and movements in the wrong way. And a vicious cycle develops. We call this condition as not achieving MOBIFIT.

The search for the root cause

The PMAT system is designed to work in an investigative medical manner to trace the pain development pathway. Using a combination of patented systems, it is able to locate the root sources of the pain(s). With our complex and in-depth movement analysis, we can isolate the issue, find out more complex cases or a combination of conditions all linked together. The PMAT system has the robustness and proven track record to identify and list out the root issues that need to be treated.

The treatment

Using the information gathered and revealed by the PMAT system – the movement therapist can then chart the treatment program to roll back the issues in the correct sequence. This is important as the body takes some time to re-learn the correct patterns and unlearn the wrong ones. The PMAT treatment uses a combination of modalities to achieve this and recognises precisely the muscle movement needed to be worked on for each individual.