Testimonial from our patients

The Best Physiotherapy in Kuala Lumpur

“Conscientious and genuinely caring treatment of patients”
“Competent staff with an excellent leader who understands athletes”
“I feel more balanced and energetic”

These are some of the comments from our clients that have gone through rigorous transformation through our physiotherapy sessions. Suffering from various physical ailments to now a more vigorous and healthy body, many of our patients have successful stories on how we can be the catalyst to maximize your physicality.

Join the ranks of our delighted clients and experience the life-changing benefits of our exceptional physiotherapy services. Trust in our expertise, commitment, and personalized care to guide you towards optimal health and well-being. As the best physiotherapy center in KL, we take immense pride in delivering exceptional care and transformative results. Discover what our satisfied clients have to say about their experiences with us!

​Free from neck pain and migraines

​”They have been such miracle workers. Been having neck pain and migraines for more than 2 months. Several doctors just kept giving me pain killers without finding the root cause. After two sessions with Physiowerkz, I was almost pain-free.”

​~ ​Tat Wei

Significant improvements for baby's condition

​”My baby boy Cheng Xuan has attended physiotherapy sessions with Sujiun (holding baby) since he was 4 months’ old as he has mild right torticollis. I appreciated Sujiun’s approach to infant torticollis exercises (massage and stretching) for my baby, I have definitely seen a significant improvements on him. She was very helpful with information about torticollis and is always patient with baby Cheng Xuan.
Thank you Physiowerkz, thank you Sujiun!”

​~ Elley 

​Long-standing injury successfully rehabilitated

​”I came to Yen Li at Physiowerkz with a long-standing injury for which I’d had other physiotherapist look at previously. Yen Li thoroughly assessed my injury and put together a treatment plan which had been successful in rehabilitating my injury and getting my body to run smoothly again. I would definitely recommend Yen Li at Physiowerkz for her thorough, conscientious and genuinely caring treatment of patients. She is an excellent physiotherapist “

​~ ​Debra Kirkwood

​Immediate improvements after each session

​”Physiowerkz was recommended to me by another athlete initially. I was told that some reduced sensation in my left foot was due to bulging discs in my lumbar spine and that I would need surgery to improve. Jasmine and Wei Lin assessed me and immediately suggested working with  them to improve the symptoms which did not include back pain. After every session of soft-tissue work, the improvement was immediate. I asked so many questions and received immediate answers which made it known how competent the staff at Physiowerkz are with an excellent leader who understands athletes. Thank you very much. I recommend giving them a try for prevention or any other issues you are having.”

​~ ​Susan Gallagher, 2016

Golfer's shoulder pain

How Magnus Lavarson deals with
his shoulder pain, improves his golf swing