Scoliosis Treatment Malaysia - Physiotherapy for Body Posture Correction

Spinal Deviations : Is it really the Spine?

Do you experience back problems? Do not allow them to dictate how you live. At Physiowerkz, we are aware that effective treatment requires addressing the underlying causes of these aberrations. Our PMAT tests go further, assisting you in learning the ‘why’ behind the deviations, as opposed to X-rays which only show the severity of the aberrations.


With our expertise in physiotherapy for scoliosis, we go beyond surface-level solutions. Our Body Mechanix procedure focuses on realigning and modifying your structure. These effectively provide body pain treatments while at the same time providing a thorough strategy to address spinal abnormalities.


We target and strengthen the weaker muscles related to scoliosis using our special workouts in conjunction with Schroth’s approach. We provide you the power to recover control of your spinal health by restoring balance and encouraging body posture correction.

Don’t settle for temporary relief, with the most effective scoliosis treatment in Malaysia, you will experience a transformative journey toward lasting physical improvements. Our creative and personalized approach, delivered with an empathetic touch, ensures that you receive the highest quality care for your scoliosis treatment.


Unlock the potential for a healthier, better-aligned spine by learning about the power of physical therapy. Take the first step toward embracing a life of improved posture, enhanced function, and renewed confidence by getting in touch with us right away. Trust Physiowerkz to lead you on this inspiring journey to a better version of yourself.

Scolio-X - another successful case of Scoliosis treatment

scolio x


Patient came in with a 58 degree deviation.


After 2 weeks of treatment, her curvature improved to a 25 degree.

SCOLIO-X - it works!

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