Jasmine Loke - Founder

BScHSc (Physic) – U of Sydney   |   Cert Orth Manual Therapy – U of Curtin    
Certified Schroth Practitioner – USA | Certified Mulligan Concept 
Practitioner – Aus
​Dry Needling 
Practitioner = GEMT Aus  | Certified Basic Pilates – Texas Electrotherapy Training – Shinsu Uni – Japan |  Fascia Taping – FFT, Aus
Mgment Cervicogenic Dynsfuntion – U of Queensland 
Kinetic Control & Movement Dysfunction – Keele Uni UK  
​Lymphedema Management – Klose Training Centre USA
Developmental Kinesiology – Charles Uni , Prague
Spinal Injury – Rancho Los Amigo National Rehab Centre , USA 

The Beginnings of World-Class Physiotherapy in Kuala Lumpur

Armed with physiotherapy qualifications and extensive clinical experiences from Singapore, Australia, UK & US, Jasmine, a renowned physiotherapist in Kuala Lumpur, returned to serve the Malaysian community in the early 2000s. Collaborating with medical centers in Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya, she quickly recognized the need for a professional rehabilitation center with elevated clinical standards and advanced approaches to rehabilitation.


In 2005, Jasmine transformed her vision into reality by establishing Physiowerkz, a leading physiotherapy center in Kuala Lumpur. Her mission was to provide the very best professional rehabilitation service centered around the needs of patients and athletes. Additionally, she aimed to create a team of therapists who could serve as “first-contact practitioners,” delivering exceptional care to the community.


Driven by a strong commitment to continuous learning, Jasmine implemented a robust mentoring system to enhance the analytical and clinical skills of her therapists. Her experience and creativity propelled her to design innovative treatment techniques and approaches, placing her at the forefront of the field.


With over two decades of experience, Jasmine developed the revolutionary Physiowerkz’s Movement Analysis & Treatment (PMAT) system. This cutting-edge system, gaining international recognition, effectively addresses pain and mobility issues by identifying and resolving their root causes.


Jasmine’s diagnostic and treatment approaches surpass conventional methods, ensuring optimal short- and long-term results rather than temporary relief. The PMAT system not only aids in injury prevention but also enhances daily and sports performance.


Since its inception, the Physiowerkz team has thrived and expanded, continuously developing practical, comprehensive, and specialized programs. By seamlessly integrating multiple disciplines, they restore and improve the well-being of their patients.

Explore our range of specialty programs, such as our Infitnitum physical therapy program, sports physiotherapy and various body pain treatment, each one unique and unparalleled in Kuala Lumpur’s physiotherapy landscape. Trust in the expertise of Jasmine and her team at Physiowerkz to guide you on a transformative journey towards recovery and enhanced performance.


Ng Kylie (Physiotherapist)

Bachelor of Physiotherapy (Hons) – UTAR​

Kylie is passionate to be a physiotherapist who will always empower and bring out the best of everybody’s potential as well as assist them on their journey to reach their optimal health. Her interest in being a physiotherapist developed over the years during her study, clinical placement and small achievements from helping her family and friends to relieve their pain and aches.


‘Seeing patient recovering and improving their bodily functions and performance is satisfying and motivates me to become better so that I will always be able to contribute even more to those in need’ she said. She was also inspired by lecturers and physiotherapists whom she has met before and hopes to be a role model like them one day.


Apart from clinical, she is just an ordinary person who enjoys watching movies and cooking   anything from sweet to savory. Listening to songs and music especially in the morning is another interest that she likes as it brightens her day.

Athira (Physiotherapist)

Bachelor of Physiotherapy (Hons) – UiTM​

Meet Athira, a dedicated physiotherapist with over 5 years of invaluable experience in the field. Passionate about promoting holistic well-being, Athira has honed her skills in enhancing the quality of life for her clients through personalized and evidence-based physiotherapy interventions. Her commitment to continuous learning and staying abreast of the latest advancements in the field ensures that Athira provides the highest standard of care. With a compassionate and client-centric approach, she empowers individuals to overcome physical challenges and achieve optimal health.

On her free days, she enjoys gardening, and she’s a cat lover too!


Sung (Sports Specialist)

Bachelor of Sport Science (Hons) Exercise Science - Universiti Malaya

Movement is undeniably the simplest and cheapest tool to sustain any injury recovery path. It is one of the ultimate keys to longevity.

I was once a “victim” of physical injuries from my physical activities back then, and I wished to know what has gone wrong from my physiotherapist(s). I was then realized that physiotherapy is actually a process that provides a correct rehabilitation and recovery direction for me to head, while the chances of success are highly determined by the effort I put in.   

I firmly believe that creating awareness of this community and correct perception towards physiotherapy is more important than one ‘quick-fix’ solution provided within a treatment session.  

Therefore, I chose to be in this therapeutical field for 2 reasons. 
1) First, for people who need help (in terms of musculoskeletal injuries, physical health changes, etc.).  
2) Second, learn the knowledge for my fitness journey to be as injury-free as possible.

Jay (Physiotherapist)​

Bachelor of Physiotherapy (Hons) - Mahsa (Ongoing)
Diploma of Physiotherapy - Mahsa

Jay is passionate in helping his clients to achieve their maximum movement potential.

“I believe patient education is an invaluable and essential tool in empowering and inspiring people to take on an active role themselves to return to their optimal physical function”.


On his free time, he enjoys martial arts training and has been actively competing in MMA

Stephanie Song (Clinical Massage Therapist)

Diploma in Health Science (Clinical Massage) - NZCM

Diploma in Health Science (Therapeutic Massage) - NZCM

Steph’s interest in health, fitness and the human body led her to pursue an education in massage therapy.  
She advocates the holistic benefits of massage therapy to help you get out of pain, move better, and prevent injuries; –  be it to support your training/sporting goals or to continue to do the things you love in life!
“Everyday I feel grateful to be able to do work that I love. Nothing feels more rewarding than helping others achieve their full potential, and making a positive impact on one’s physical and mental wellbeing.”
Steph enjoys keeping an active lifestyle. She gets her daily movement doing crossfit and is a keen runner. In her free time, she enjoys travel, hiking, swimming and being outdoors.

Coco Yap (Physiotherapist)

Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy (Hons) – INTI

Coco finds human anatomy and biology is so fascinating since young and grow passionate in helping people maximise their quality of life. 

“Episkey! Is a healing spell from Harry Potter. There is something magical about being a physiotherapist. We not only creating change in a person’s physical but also emotional and mental states,” she says. She strongly believes other than manual therapy and exercises, together with education and awareness brings more positive result as patient gain more understanding about their own body. 

During her leisure time, Coco enjoys quality time with friends and family, café hopping, watching drama and some simple workout to keep healthy.

Nur Yusra (Clinical Massage Therapist)

Being a therapist is something I’m really passionate about. The ability to help someone who has a problem with their body is very special to me. It took a lot of effort and courage to be really good with this skill. And I also believe that this skill is a gift from God for me to cherish, practice, and perform to help those who need it. Knowing that my patients live a better life after they recover makes me happy, and it makes me want to learn more and do better in the future so that I can help more people out there.

Apart from clinical work, I really enjoy listening to music and binge-watching kdramas to fill up my free time. On my off days, I always look forward to going cafe hunting because a nice café atmosphere allows me to romanticise my life and helps me believe that life is definitely worth living for. 

Fadzlee Ariff
Fadzlee AriffDownhill Mountain bike Athlete |Coach
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"If I had not found their programme, I would still be struggling to find the right formula to get back on track. Without the proper advice, I do not think I could have made it this far, this fast. After embarking on their PMAT and later Performance Enhancement under inFITnitum Programme, I am back to racing again after 6 months from my accident date."