Who Are We

We are a bunch of fun-loving passionate medical professionals, creative therapists and fitness freaks! We fuse art & science to create what works best.

We test all the latest and newest developments in the world of physiotherapy and medicine and only use those that are clinically-proven, ensuring we are always ahead of the game when treating our clients.

Our Principles

We Value People
We want our patients to be able to do what they love doing and get back to their life after having seen our specialists.

At Physiowerkz  our TEAM  approaches everything to make it work for EVERYONE who comes through our door.

Our Mission

We are a diverse team of therapists with a unique mission
We only have one rule in our practice:

             “Whatever we do or adopt, it must WORK”

We don’t use gimmicks or fads and waste our patient’s time and money. Every patient is individual and different, we recognised this  and don’t use a standard treatment or exercise in “one size fits all”

Our Concept

– Everyone is unique and different
 – We listen to your complaints in the context of your lifestyle
 – Pain is the representation of a cascade of faulty  
   biomechanics events and not an isolated
– For this reason, we developed the  PMAT to find the root cause for              every client and their problems.