Physical Longevity through inFITnitum programmes


Physical Longevity is your birth right. 

When you were born, your movement DNA has been programmed for physical longevity for your entire lifespan. However, the stresses of living, as you grow up, subject your body and spirit to all kinds of compensation and abuse. This results in the deterioration of your body’s natural resilience, causing a quick deterioration of what should last you a lifetime. This deterioration manifests itself in limited range of motion, mobility problems and often, chronic pain.

At Physiowerkz, we have had years of experience dealing with pain and mobility problems faced by young and old, the inactive and the super active. In helping them overcome their problems, we have formulated the inFITnitum programme to help them rediscover their true potential by linking their mind to their bodies. In inFITnitum, we help you not only deal with pain issues but discover how you can be better than you have been so that you may attain full mobility and enjoy a pain-free active life.

What is inFITnitum?

InFITnitum is an individualised and holistically designed programme to maintain and enhance physical longevity. This programme is the amalgamation of our years of experience treating patients suffering from a wide range of mobility problems.

InFITnitum aims to forge a connection between your mind and body so that you can understand your body as a whole unit and move better. It will show you how you can make the most out of your day-to-day activities, and complete daily tasks in a more pleasant and pain-free manner.

In sports, inFITnitum assists sportsmen/women to understand their body’s capabilities based on their musculature, temperament, and lifestyle, and how to connect all of them effectively to achieve the desired performance goals without injury.

At Physiowerkz, our proprietary inFITnitum programmes include:

  • Mov-inFITnitum – The inFITnitum programme helps you understand your body in stationary state and in motion, how you can achieve more with the least effort safely – in day-to-day activities or to meet sports-specific goals.
  • Run-inFITnitum – This programme helps athletes to run better and for longer years, in a safe and more energy-efficient mode to reach whatever goals envisioned.
  • Dance-inFITnitum – Specifically for dancers, it builds better movement forms, helping dancers to dance efficiently with less energy expenditure and more form and poise.

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