Dancer Risk Assessment (DRA)  – free yourself from dancing injuries


Can’t dance because of injury? Go for the DRA now!

Dancer Risk Assessment (DRA)

The Dancer Risk Assessment (DRA) Program is a comprehensive assessment method to analyse each individual dancer’s risk of getting injured from their regular  training methods and dance routines. 

Dancers are susceptible to multiple injuries due to the physical repetitive work and stress put on the muscles, joints and body. Without knowing their limits, ultimately the dancer will unwittingly push themselves into serious injuries.

The DRA program is a proven method developed by Physiowerkz based on its experience in dealing with dancers, creating a comprehensive risk profile of each individual dancer. It specifically  maps out the bodies limits for common dance movement routines and identifies problem areas at risk of injury. The dancer will then be able to shape their dance training to prevent injuries to which they are specifically at risk..

The DRA also identifies potential key latent issues, not known or developed until particular movement or repetitive training starts. When the injury occurs, it causes further problems such as inability to train or permanent damage to their dancing career.

The DRA is a single-session assessment performed by trained members of the Physiowerkz team to provide the complete dance risk profile of the individual. 

The DRA philosophy

The Physiowerkz DRA program is designed to give a complete map of the dancer’s risk profile towards possible injuries for that individual. It is especially useful for the dancer, dance instructor and parents of children who are dancers. 

With the DRA profile done, the therapist, along with the dancer and the dance instructor, can map out training regimes, workouts and change the dance routine to strengthen weaknesses and avoid the injury for that individual based on their DRA profile.

The dancer can also make use of the Physiowerkz Dance BodyCondition System (DBC)  – specially developed to work on the profile of the DRA. The DBC is training program designed for the dancer to achieve the necessary strength, flexibility, conditioning and movement required for their dance but without the risk of doing the wrong exercises and getting injured. The DBC does NOT replace any dance training but is an important addition to developing right kind of exercises to prevent injury for all kind of dances.

Combined, DRA and DBC are effective in training the dancer to avoid injuries while developing the necessary strength, balance, coordination, stability and flexibility that you may require.