About Us

The Most Reliable Rehabilitation Centre for Physiotherapy in KL Malaysia

Physiowerkz is not just an ordinary rehabilitation centre in Kuala Lumpur; it is a haven for individuals struggling with pain, disabilities, and all sorts of movement-related issues. Our approach is far from the conventional treatment methods that merely provide temporary relief or address the symptoms alone. Instead, we delve deep into the root causes of your concerns, aiming to resolve them from their very core.


Recognizing that each case is unique and demands a holistic approach, we have developed the groundbreaking Physiowerkz Movement Analysis and Treatment System (PMAT). This innovative system accurately diagnoses your condition, allowing us to gain a profound understanding of what your body truly requires. Our comprehensive treatment modalities are not only simple and clinically proven, but also stay updated in terms of medical advancements. With us, you receive nothing but the most effective treatment options available in the industry.


Yet, we firmly believe that the true power to heal lies within yourself. Our role is not to simply impose solutions but to guide you towards the righteous path. At Physiowerkz, we provide a range of exceptional services designed to cater to your rehabilitation needs. From back and neck pain treatment, frozen shoulder physiotherapy, knee pain physiotherapy as well as sports rehabilitation

We are the rehabilitation centre that goes beyond expectations in Malaysia. Step into a realm where transformation awaits, where your well-being takes center stage. Together, let us embark on a remarkable voyage towards recovery, resilience, and restored movement. Trust in us to guide you, with our expert physiotherapy in KL, we enable you to rediscover the incredible potential that resides within you.

Movement Therapy?

For a person to enjoy a good quality of life, he/she needs to have full range of movement without pain or range limitations. The common approach is to treat the local pain/problem, however this normally is only a temporary solution. It does not unravel the deeper original root of the problem that is causing the pain/problem in the first place. The Physiowerkz Movement Analysis & Treatment System (PMAT) was developed by Physiowerkz to scan of the person’s full physical condition, look at the history of the problem, the links between all the related problems and most importantly take you on the RIGHT path of healing to get you back to full health, full mobility and pain free movement.

PMAT - the difference

The PMAT is a comprehensive system which detects the root cause(s) of pain and dysfunction in the body. With the PMAT, we can pinpoint and track the root issues and set up the steps required for healing. The PMAT also can identify if the issue is one which requires surgery or not as a complex muscular skeletal issue may only be resolved with surgery. The PMAT will give you results based on medical evidence and educated you to know what is needed for you to heal your body and regain your original mobility. 

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