About Us

Physiowerkz is a Movement Dysfunctions Centre which specialises in pain, disabilities and all movement related issues.

We approach your issue(s) from the root cause(s) rather than the traditional treatment of just focusing on pain relief or treating the symptoms. 

As every case is individual and needs to be treated holistically; our innovative Physiowerkz Movement Analysis and Treatment System (PMAT) will accurately diagnose and help you understand what your body actually needs.

We use comprehensive treatment modalities that are practical, holistic, clinically and medically proven to ensure you get best, newest and most diverse treatment on the market.

Ultimately,  the best person to “heal” your issue is – yourself. Our aim is to guide you in the RIGHT direction.

Movement Therapy?

For a person to enjoy a good quality of life, he/she needs to have full range of movement without pain or range limitations. The common approach is to treat the local pain/problem, however this normally is only a temporary solution. It does not unravel the deeper original root of the problem that is causing the pain/problem in the first place. The Physiowerkz Movement Analysis & Treatment System (PMAT) was developed by Physiowerkz to scan of the person’s full physical condition, look at the history of the problem, the links between all the related problems and most importantly take you on the RIGHT path of healing to get you back to full health, full mobility and pain free movement.

PMAT - the difference

The PMAT is a comprehensive system which detects the root cause(s) of pain and dysfunction in the body. With the PMAT, we can pinpoint and track the root issues and set up the steps required for healing. The PMAT also can identify if the issue is one which requires surgery or not as a complex muscular skeletal issue may only be resolved with surgery. The PMAT will give you results based on medical evidence and educated you to know what is needed for you to heal your body and regain your original mobility. 

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